Keep stock of Outsourced Agile Projects from Idea to Software Delivery.

An easy to use project management solution combining agile software development with agile project outsourcing.

Transform ideas into requirements, create RFPs from the requirements and start planning agile projects using the proposal estimates.

Outfarm Project Management Solution Screenshots
Idea/Project Owner Highlights
Transform ideas into requirements
using role modeling, project organiser and non-functional requirements questionnaire features of the platform.
Manage RFPs and compare proposals side by side
Easily create Request for Proposals (RFP) using the RFP wizard and the created requirements. Invite agile suppliers to create Proposals and then compare them side by side.
Simplify project planning using proposal estimates
to create agile project milestones/releases/sprints. Acceptance test and issue management assist in driving an agile project to success.
with team members and agile suppliers during every step of the project and keep a record of all project communication.
Agile Suppliers Highlights
Easily create realistic proposals
using the requirements driven proposal wizard. Communicate by commenting on RFP items. Lengthy proposals that require emailing spreadsheets and documents back and forth are a thing of the past.
Say NO to spreadsheets and duplication
All your proposal estimates and attachments will be transferred into the project upon acceptance of your proposal and can be used to plan milestones/releases or sprints.
Manage scope creep
By using a project baseline that requires both parties to sign off on changes.
with all your clients and prospects from one account.